Alien spotted during the phase of super blue blood moon lunar eclipse


A shocking image of UFO / Alien just has been spotted. The incident occurred during the last 2 days of lunar eclipse of ‘Super blue blood Moon. And it has gone viral on all social media. Many of you may have heard of the UFO or Alien spacecraft in cartoon or movies. Then you heard it all true, in a strange event of a rare lunar eclipse of the moon when all eyes were up the disappearing moon an alien or UFO type was spotted just near the moon.

The lunar eclipse of the moon occurred on 31st January of last Wednesday that was such a magnificent sight to watch.

Across the globe, many sky viewers witnessed the skies that went from one color to another once-in-lifetime after 152 years.

Effect of social media platform on the video:

Alien-hunting channel called ‘UFOmania’ shared a video of the UFO spotted on YouTube and got a viewed of more than 40,000 in 24 hours’ time.

The images of the lunar eclipse upload in social media platform shows a different form of an angle from many parts of the countries in the world.

If the comment section of the video is looked upon viewers are seemed to be convinced that aliens exist for real in life. The video also shows how many strange objects flew across the phase of the red moon and it was assumed that man would possess such kind of mind-blowing technologies.

‘UFOmania has uploaded many similar ‘evidence’ of extra-terrestrial existence have often gone viral with UFO hunters scrambling for scientists’ but such efforts were a mere waste.

Even the so-called world’s space agency NASA believed in the existence of the extra-terrestrial life but kept a blind eye about the alien matter which is true.

Many researchers are not ready to believe in the theory that an alien or UFO even existed and proposed the fact that it may be an aircraft or some lost part of a satellite. But many prominent media are already covering this news in their own way.

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The article was written by Dipu M.