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Luteri Dulhan-Girl kidnaps engineer boy and does this


Luteri Dulhan-Girl kidnaps engineer boy and does this…..

Pakdua Vivah or Groom Kidnapping

is a prevalent practice in the western parts of Bihar, and eastern Uttar Pradesh states in India. It is a bizarre act where grooms are kidnapped by the bride’s family and later forced to marry at gunpoint. The reason behind such kidnapping to avoid heavy dowry costs. Also at times, it is observed that lack of educated / eligible grooms in a developing locality forces the girl or the bride’s family to kidnap the groom and marry him by force. To some, it may sound bizarre and funny while it is also very painful state while we look at the condition of the groom in such a case. Here is a real-life incident that took place very recently.

Kidnap BiharScreen-grab from the viral video

Here is an interesting kidnapping story to share.

Binod Kumar is 29-year-old executive engineer who was kidnapped from Mokama. The girl was Julie, a 19-year-old girl from Muzaffarpur district in Bihar.

The kidnapping incident exposed after a month later when the video of the marriage surfaced. Binod’s family was forced to accept the marriage.


Screen-grab from the viral video

“We are only performing your wedding, not hanging you to death,” said a relative of the bride when Binod was crying on being forced to marry.

Groom Kidnap Andhra

Screen-grab from the viral video

According to report collected by Indiatimes, Binod take on kidnapping is as below,

They befriended me during the wedding and asked me to step out. They kidnapped me and took me to a home where I was forced to put vermilion in the hair of a girl. I had never seen her, and I don’t know who she is

Binod’s family approached Patna Senior Superintendent of Police Manu Maharaj for protection. They are afraid of a strongman who was responsible for abducting Binod.

Binod’s brother Sanjay was quoted as saying by News18,

My brother boarded Hatia-Patna express from Bokaro as he had to attend a wedding function near Patna on December 3. Surendra Yadav persuaded him to come to Mokama and he agreed. He was abducted there and taken to Pandarak where my brother was forced to marry a girl.

The girl’s family shared a completely different story as opposed to initial kidnap thing. They say, “We know Binod for a long time and even had initiated talks with his father and an extended marriage proposal. After his father’s death, Binod was ready for marriage and it was a planned event.”


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