Innovative Bollywood Posters for Cleanliness Drive by Indian Railway

The Indian Railway minister Piyush Goyal come up with a new idea to promote cleanliness among the public by using Bollywood theme posters. The ‘Swaach Bharat’ Mission was started by Narendra Modi in the year 2014 when his government BJP came to power. The main motto of these movie posters is to keep the Indian railway station clean and to prevent any incident occurring.

This campaign was thoroughly launched by Indian Railway on 22nd September to create awareness in most railway stations and gained a much positive response from social media. This campaign was started from Eastern railway in Howrah station and will spread to other station with a message of cleanliness.

Some of the famous dialogues from famous movies like DDLJ, Gabbar’s dialogue, Rajesh Khanna dialogue are used for this awareness. From the famous dialogue of Sholay where Gabbar told Kitna zurmana rakhe hai sarkar gandagi failane par 500 rupay….poore 500. It means littering around in Indian railway station would cost a penalty of 500rs each to every individual in the stations.

Indian train poster
Source Financial express

The next message which gives a proper response about defecation on the Indian railway tracts by adults and child with a bottle of water in their hands. Defecation clears spread diseases and filth around. So the poster shows the title Neele gagan ke tale.”

Train poster

Source Twitter

From other posters of the movie DDLJ show simran running towards her lover in running train which gives the message that Na Simran Na, don’t catch a running train as it may be life-threatening.

Train poster
Source Twitter

Another poster shows the dialogue from the movie Deewar which say Mera paas Maa hai. These dialogue was used to stop people from spitting around in near and corners of railway stations. The dialogue says “Mere pass railgaadi hai, Reserved seat hai. Tumare pass kya?Mere muh mein Paan hai” and adds the caution “Par mat thukna”. These surely have created awareness among the commuters in the Indian railway stations.

Bollywood style train poster
Source- Financial Express
Deewar poster
Source FT

Suresh Prabhu started a long nine days campaign of “Swachhta Saptah” in Indian Railways to aimed at solved various ways of maintaining cleanliness at the stations. Every day the motive was to have Clean Trains (Swachh Rail Gaadhi), Clean Food (Swachh Aahar), Cleanliness Participation by every member of the railway station (Swachh Sahyog) and Clean Water (Swachh Pani). So that every Indian railway stations can remain clean and give a clear message among the commuters and also compete with other railway stations in the world in cleanliness.

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