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Are you taking right decisions in your life or someone else doing it for you ?


Are you taking the right decisions in your life?

A decision is a choice that you make about something after thinking about it. Now the question is, how do you make the right choice?

  • Who can decide, what is right and what is wrong for you?
  • Is it you or is it someone else?
  • What happens if you let others take your decisions?

Every mind has its own way of thinking, which makes each one of us different from each other. No two individuals can be exact duplicates of one another. We all have a way of looking at things in our lives, or we can say that each one of us has a different attitude towards life.

What is a right decision for me?

A decision is right for me if – I choose what is right for me and my choice is free from any influences
Keep in mind the following points while taking a decision:

  • The decision should not be influenced by emotional bias
  • You shouldn’t allow your thoughts to be influenced by others so that you can have an independent reasoning and rationalizing
  • You should be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses

What is the reason that most of us find it hard to make a right decision?

The most common reason is the influence of family, friends, relatives, and society on our mind. This is the reason why we feel that we are not living the kind of life that we want to live or we are supposed to live. Some of the things that affect our life’s decisions are:

Where and how people influence our decisions?

Parents, brothers, sisters or relatives deciding for us how to dress up.

Our decision-making skill will improve if we take our own decisions in all matters of our life, even if the matter is as small as choosing our dresses.
Why should we let others improve their decision-making skill, why not we improve ours? If we learn to take these small decisions, we can expect ourselves to take correct decisions in other important matters of life.


Veg or Non- Veg

Don’t eat something that your heart doesn’t allow. Some people have the habit of saying, “I didn’t want to eat that but I couldn’t say “no”. Never let people force you to have things that you don’t like.


Choose a career that gives you so much happiness and contentment that you don’t have to depend on anything or anyone else for your happiness. People will definitely provide you many options on what career you should choose. So, be careful in choosing the right option. Don’t run after money, run after happiness.

I have seen many cases where people that they are discontented with their life. They feel unhappy with their life because that is not how they wanted to live.
And their heart says….
“There is something missing in my life”




Article Contributed by: Ritika Sinha

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