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All about the Indian women wrestler Kavita Devi – Check it out


WWE was always a hot favourite for Indians. Tiger Singh, The Great Khali and now Zinder Mahal the Champ. It works both ways – Indians get  to see a pie of their interest in WWE and WWE also has huge viewership from a country of billions. The latest sensation seems to be Kavita Devi.

Kavita Devi, as the first female Indian wrestler to compete in a WWE ring, Kavita Devi is looking to follow in the footsteps of her inspiration and trainer, The Great Khali.

In the first round match that took place on August 30 this year, Kavita Devi, clad in a saffron salwar-kameez, is seen battling with a Kiwi professional wrestler Cheree Crowley who fights under the name of Dakota Rai and pinning her down. The video has got over 2 million + views on YouTube. Check out the video below.

Why it is sad to note that Kavita Devi lost the match but she won many hearts. It is but obvious the she has won the heart of the Indians. However the fact that she did her act wearing a common Indian gown (Salwar Kameez) of ordinary day to day Indian women it really sent shock wares. Needless to say she won over every Indian and for sure she will be strong source of inspiration for many Indian girls. At the same time it also shock the world. This no doubt can serve as one of the precious TEACHER’S DAY gift for the Great Khali.

Kavita Devi is new to the world of wrestling but she has a unique style and blessed with lot of strength. With all these and training from The Great Khali we are sure she will put up a remarkable show in WWE. Hoping to see many more wonderful moments from this brave lady – Kavita Devi.

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