When People take Jokes literately in a Serious way !!!


Let’s get one thing straight – we’re all guilty of laughing at puns, even the lame ones.

There’s something about puns that always gets us LOL, even if at first, we’re making a face at the sheer stupidity of ’em.

But what makes a pun truly hilarious? When someone takes it literally, of course!

Here are some puns taking way too literally that’ll surely make you go crazy with laughter! 

1. Dumbledore

2. Baby on board

3. Fun furniture

4. Pumpkin pie

5. A true metal

6. We all need space

7. The cell

8. Deadpool

9. I rest my case

10. Holy shit

11. One night stand, anyone?

12. I rewrote history

13. I was told to put the dinner in the oven at 120 degrees

14. I lost control

15. Ice ice baby

16. UFO caught on tape

17. Literally half a pint

18. Screenshot

19. A stable relationship

20. Tables have turned around

21. Facepalm

22. I got so matches on tinder

23. Mom supporting son’s gaming

24. Chemistree

25. Hiding many secrets

26. Time taken from kissing to wedding is about 5 hours in Germany

27. Inbred dog

28. Rock bottom 

29. Employees must wash hands

30. Things are getting out of my hand

31. My wife told me to wear a plain tie

32. Spring is around the corner

33. Layover at the airport

34. Clinton hiding behind the bushes

35. He was not that a bigger fan 

36. Money lisa 

37. Black man beaten by police on NYC sidewalk

38. Gas prices are falling down 

37. Non-stick pan? 

How many did you get? Let us know in the comment section below.