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Neil Armstrong’s Story of landing on Earth in Detail


Lunar Custom

Go anywhere outside the country, it is a tradition to fill the Custom details whenever someone returns back to the homeland. It is tradition to go by the rules and declare all valuables at the Custom gate whether someone likes it or not. To make things more interesting we are sharing one such incident that involves keywords like Neil Armstrong, Custom and Moon.

The Buzz – Believe it or not the same tradition applied to Neil Armstrong – the first man to walk on the moon. If we are to believe this facebook post ……..

American astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. He and his crew that is to say Apollo11 crew created history by setting foot on moon. Such a heroic event set them apart from rest of the people. It is but obvious to imagine that they got very royal treatment.

But the fact that blew everyone’s mind is quite astonishing. Even though they were special they had to fill customs forms like any other international travellers. This seems like a general process for international travellers, on returning from their mission on July 24, 1969. So immediately after landing on earth, Neil Armstrong and his crew had to clear the custom before anything else.

Lunar Custom – It is very interesting to note what all they declared to the custom:

moon rocks” and

     “Moon Dust

The above moon materials were declared as cargo.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin earlier shared a photograph of the signed form in the facebook post There is always curiosity regarding space mission. And people often have lots of queries. He said that many people asked this question to the crew as to what all things the crew brought back to earth from their moon mission. Some even asked if there was any moon disease to which they say TBD .

People in general say so much about our local custom process. it is to note that even those who go up there, also need to face the custom once they land on earth.

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