Jet Airways air hostess caught with 3.21 crore


Jet Airways air hostess caught with USD 3.21 crore on a flight from Delhi to Hong Kong


Deveshi Kulshrestha, who is a 25-year-old Jet Airways air hostess was caught carrying a cash amount of 3.24 crore in US that was found wrapped in aluminium foil.

The air hostess was arrested by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) on Monday. According to reports, it was found that the directorate received a secret information about this matter and accordingly they made a surprise check on the flight that was leaving for Delhi. Around 2 am on Monday, the team made an investigation of the flight that the air hostess Ms Kulshrestha had boarded and checked her baggage. The officials found a huge amount of cash in a suitcase hidden beneath shoes and cosmetics that was packed in foil and cloth.

The Jet Airways air hostess Ms Kulshrestha informed that she had made eight trips to Hong Kong with illegal cash before. she also added that she had smuggled10 lakh dollars in multiple trips over the past two months.  The air hostess also reported that she was paid Rs. one lakh for each trip. Ms Kulshrestha, is a trained as an air hostess from a noted institute in Dehradun, the air hostess had been a part of Jet Airways for six years.

hawala operator named Amit Malhotra is associated with the air hostess in this smuggling activity. It was found that Amit had allegedly involved her into a money-laundering network.

According to investigations, the hawala operator Amit Malhotra is based on Delhi and he is linked with the airline workers to smuggle money abroad which is brought back to India in the form of Gold.
Malhotra got in touch with Ms Kulshrestha on a flight six months ago and later on he involved her in his smuggling activity.

NDTV reports say that the Jet Airways air hostess Ms Deveshi Kulshrestha has been arrested and strong actions will be taken against her.

Further, Amit Malhotra also has been arrested as well. Officials also found Rs 3 lakh in cash and USD 1,600 at his home in Delhi.