How much have you enjoyed your college life Story of GC College Student

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How much have you enjoyed your college life?


Study is important in college life. But you should also enjoy the college days because it will not come back again. College days are very precious and close to everyone’s heart. When I think of my college days, I simply say, how beautiful were those days!

This article is especially for the students of G. C. College. I think you can strongly relate to what I am going to share today. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, you are going to enjoy reading this article because I have included something for both the type of personalities.

Firstly, I will categorize the students of G. C college into two different type of personalities – The introverts and the extroverts. The extroverts think they are normal and the introverts are abnormal. Similarly, the introverts consider themselves to be perfect in every way. But, let me tell you, and both the types are good as well as strange in their own ways.

I am an introvert and something that the introverts love to do is to sit and observe people. Now, let me share what I felt and saw how the G. C. college students enjoy their college life.

For all the extroverts, I know that the best part of your college life is friends. For you, the graduation certificate is not valuable, but your friends are more important and precious. The day starts with friends and ends with the same.

Best moments of extroverts in G. C. College


“Damsharas” and the “Truth and Dare” game are the most popular ones. These are very interesting games, it develops a good bonding among friends. Some friends I know are really very talented and skilled in Damsharas, and who deserves an Oscar award for this talent. Playing multiplayer online games are also a great fun activity in college.


Eating with friends is a great way of having fun. How delightful experience it is to have panipuri or samosas with your friends! and then all the friends sharing the bill. The college canteen was a fun place to hang out. I remember I had once been to the canteen and they served me parathas that were too oily. I suggested them to make parathas without oil and they kept my word. This is my suggestion to everyone, don’t go for the oily parathas because it is not good for health.

Unity among friends

Unity and cooperation are very good qualities are seen in the extroverts of G. C. College. And this unity is seen just a few days before exams, the scene before exams are really chaotic, but they help each other and somehow manage to pass the exams.

Back papers

Back paper has always been a trending topic for discussion among the students. Clearing back papers is equal to like reaching on the top of the Mount Everest, just kidding! I must say this, that the extroverts are really smart guys and girls. They manage to pass their exams without too much studying and attending class.


Friends are an important part of college life. Without friends at college, life is empty. Most of the students have made some awesome friends in this college. For them, friendship is the closest and the best relations in their life. It is overwhelming to see such strong bonding between friends. They don’t make friends only for the present time, most of the friendships last very long even many years after college.

Bunking class

Who likes to study right? Enjoying life is more important than study and nothing feels more enjoyable than bunking classes. There are no fun bunking classes alone when we take our friends along and bunk, it is more fun. And my idea says when you do something with a group of friends the intensity of happiness after doing that task successfully increases manifold.

Article by Ritika Sinha (Alumnus GC College Silchar)

Hey Folks,

I have penned down my thoughts. Please do let me know your thoughts by commenting below. I am sure you also enjoyed studying in GC College. If you have such incident / thoughts that you may have and you want to share it, do let me know. If it is interesting enough, we will surely write our next blog based on your thoughts and comments.