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Settling down in a new city outside your hometown is common for millennials in India today. Some head out to cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai and yet find it hard managing their budget and expenses. The advent of scooter and bike platforms in India in recent years has helped them manifold manage their expense.

Millennials face numerous challenges when living outside their hometowns for the first time.  Though dreaming of an independent life and longing for a better lifestyle may seem easy at first, giving a thought to the future holds importance for you being a millennial as well. This is because you do not know what the future holds and maybe you might have some plans ahead that require a healthy investment in the long run. This is where saving hacks come in handy for you. 

Since the end of 2017, many scooter and bike sharing platforms have come into being, becoming the very reason millennials around have been saving on commuting. The advent of such platforms has disrupted the whole experience of commuting in cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad and has been creating waves across several sectors in India. Millennials with their will to change the experience of commuting have brought in many startups which focus on bike and car rentals. 

With the advent of bike sharing platforms in India, commuting has become easier and cheaper too. Now you can easily travel from one place to another within the city or even long distances while reducing your travelling budget which go as high as tens of thousands per month for youngsters in India today. Not only have they brought in cheaper ways to travel but have also given the millennials a way to stay healthy and sweat while cycling their way to their workplaces. 

Within the last few years, cities like Bangalore and Delhi have witnessed a spike in bike sharing platforms and the number of users who now can easily change their commuting experience through them, staying unaffected by the long traffic jams and doing their bit in reducing air pollution. Moreover, these have also reduced the cost of taking a tour of a nearby destination with your friends on the weekends manifold. Now, all you need to do is choose one of these platforms, book a bike and enjoy your road trip with your friends. 

So without further ado, let’s talk about the 7 best scooter and bike sharing platforms in India that all millennials should know about.

1. Ola Pedal


Who doesn’t know of the 2010 car rental brand Ola which totally disrupted the car rental ecosystem of India and soon become one of the most popular car rental platforms known today? But in 2017, Ola also launched its bike-sharing platform called Ola Pedal which aimed to provide a quick and convenient way to cover short distances without breaking a sweat.

Ola Pedal is one of the best bike sharing platforms in India which are App based Smart Cycles with GPS enabled locks which allow you to travel smarter and make use of eco-friendly bicycle using the app. Students, especially in University Campuses, worry about having to walk for 25-30 minutes for reaching their classrooms. But Ola Pedal has made their experience better with their eco-friendly, tech-enabled bicycles for which you can easily make a payment and unlock them via the Ola App.

2. Yulu

Yulu Bikes

Much-like Ola, Yulu was founded in the year 2017 to provide technologically driven affordable commuting options for its users. Within two years, Yulu bikes have become common in and around Bangalore and are commonly used by millennials to travel to their workplaces and other desired places. 

Yulu provides two options for travelling namely —  Move and Miracle. Both these are smart lock enabled bikes which solve short distance commuting issues. While Yulu move is your simple, eco-friendly bicycle, Yulu Miracle is a smart dockless electrical vehicle powered by state-of-the-art IoT technology. Thus, Yuku Bikes become one of the best bike sharing platforms in India. 

3. Zoomcar PEDL

Zoomcar PEDL

Zoomcar is a big brand name when it comes to car rentals and has been an ideal partner for commuting to a nearby city or tourist destination with your family and friends since 2012. Zoomcar’s PEDL much-like Yulu and Ola, aims to provide easy commuting options with its eco-friendly bicycles via PEDL.  

With its easy cycle sharing and providing an easy way to cover short distances —  whether it’s your workplace or educational institution, Zoomcar PEDL becomes one of the most preferable bike sharing platforms in India today. 

4. Letscycle


Founded in 2017, like Yulu, Letscycle is also one of the best bike sharing platforms in India. It aims at providing an ecofriendly way of commuting to its users in urban areas through their bicycles. 

Letscycle has already made its presence in major cities of India like Bengaluru, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Each bicycle comes with a QR Code and a cycle number, which can be easily unlocked with a code user get on their apps. With more than 140 cycles and active 500 users, the company aims to provide easy commuting options to users across the nation soon. 

6. Bounce


Bounce is the most popular and convenient scooter and bike sharing platforms in India. It makes the daily travelling experience of millennials across Bangalore, Mysore, Vadodra, Vijaywada, Jaipur, and Hyderabad stress-free, time-saving, reliable and convenient with its rental scooters. 

Launched in the year, 2014, Bounce continues being one of the best scooter rental platforms in India currently and provides easy access to millennials in travelling to long distances with convenience just by using the Bounce app and starting a subscription.

6. Zypp


Zypp is one of the best scooter and bike sharing platforms in India, founded in the year 2017 and based in Gurgaon, Haryana. This platform provides bicycles and scooters for millennials and currently extends its services across Delhi and Gurgaon intending to make eco-friendly commuting options available for them. 

The platform offers the options of the bicycle, Zypp Uno and Zypp Thunder Charged scooters and aims to extend its services across the other cities of the nation. 

7. Vogo


Based in Bangalore, Vogo is another one of the best bike sharing platforms in India which provides affordable bike and scooter rentals with the use of a mobile app. It was founded in the year 2016 and much-like Bounce offers affordable scooter rentals in Bangalore and Hyderabad. 

These are the best for travelling long distances within the city, either to your workplace or to meet your friends. All you need to do is download the Vogo app and get a fuel-filled Vogo scooter for easy commuting.

Living in a big city like Bangalore, Hyderabad, or Delhi, the first-timers feel sceptical and face money-saving challenges and other challenges like affordable commuting options. But with the advent of the many bike sharing platforms in India, this has become more convenient and hassle-free than ever. The above were our top 7 best scooter and bike sharing platforms in India all millennials should know about. 

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