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14 ways how Internet reacted to Right To Privacy


In a historic decision, The Supreme Court of India ruled that Right to Privacy is a fundamental right for the people of India. While we have discussed in details about Right to Privacy in our previous article, the below post is more on the expression of thoughts by the people on this very topic. Most of the reactions are from the twitter world which brings forth the way internet reacted to this historic judgement. Do enjoy the post and leave back your comment as to how you felt about Right to Privacy. And don’t forget to share if you have come across similar opinion on fundamental rights.

  1. Funny video  – ha ha ha

2. Opposition expressed their inner feelings

3. The current GST and Aadhaar will have to go major surgery due to Right to Privacy


4. The below headline says Citizens don’t have right over their bodies – it gives goosebumps


5. Here’s how today’s landmark verdict might impact other cases

6. Optimising Online Shopping experience at cost of & raising the bottomline

7. With Right to Privacy, there was discussion on reasonable restrictions. What reasonable restrictions means to some people ?

8. Some people also took to share mean jokes on Salman

9. How media did the buildup

10. Coz we trust the court to give justice to billion living souls

11. What Kamal Haasan had to say

12. Some perspective

13. And some more ways people took to express their opinion.

14 And some final post on internet way of looking at Right to Privacy

Find how the is given across the globe. Another milestone after ,this time people battling for absolute privacy.


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