May 2017 is a very special month in the history of Indian cinema as Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has crossed 1000 Cr INR in China.

Aamir introduced Bollywood to China in recent times with 3 idiots. The phenomenal success of 3idiots have inspired other bollywood producers as well. Dangal has already tasted success and Bahubali is inching towards its China release.

The reason for recent success



Numerous single screen introduced in recent times – China is adding many new single screens every month across the country. There are news that China will open more than 9000 screens in upcoming days

Movie Theatre | Multiplex

Generation / cultural shift Over the past few years Chinese people are more open to going out and watching more movies (from across the world) with their families. This cultural shift has also fuelled the growth of so many new screens across the country.

Relatable content – As compared to US / Hollywood there is geographical proximity between India and China. Also the culture of family upbringing, following the elders / teachers etc allows Chinese audience to be more relatable to Indian content. In Dangal a father promotes his daughter to take up wrestling as a sport – this subject matter closely relates to Chinese mentality and Chinese people have really loved the idea. Even in Chinese society it takes and lot of effort and hardwork for the women to make themselves heard in the society / make a mark for themselves in the society.

Actor, Director and Producer – Aamir Khan

Raked up strong debate – According to some Chinese media

For the movement – With movies like Dangal the audience could resonates with Asian values and family system that has quite similar sentiment between Indian and Chinese people. This section of the society believe that passion and hard-work will always lead to success and parents show the direction to their children by having a good hold on their children and actively participating in their career decision making. If the parents are not strict, there are chances that children will get motivates by other trends in society / life / friends etc that will ultimately lead to devastation.

Against the movement –  While others were of the idea that the movie promotes patriarchal society and children have to follow what their parents say. They would rather give a free hand to their children and allow them to choose their own career path.

This divide on opinion and mind-set also urged more and more people to go and watch the movie and share their opinion actively.

Mouth of word – Very strong review and mouth of word promotion has encouraged many people to go and watch it.


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